Today in the city Providence 25.06.2017
Chiefs Provide Perfect Environment for Patrick Mahomes' Development

The 2016 Kansas City Chiefs went 12-4 and won the AFC West with a great defense, a sound running game, and the disciplined, relatively unspectacular quarterback play of Alex Smith. However, they were...

Richardson Helped Broker Deal to Provide Care for Chimps

Former Gov. Bill Richardson helped broker a deal that provides long-term care for chimpanzees in northern Liberia that were part of a research colony.

Just Who Are These Cavaliers? Game 2 of the NBA Finals Should Provide Answers

OAKLAND, Calif. — There are things, at age 36, that Richard Jefferson cannot do as effectively as he once did. These things may include running, jumping, shooting and defending. But if you...

Tiny Glass Spherules Provide Unique Insights In Volcanic Plumes

Glass spherules, formed by lightening, can provide insights of what happens inside a volcanic plume, helping to better model ash movements and distribution during a volcanic eruption.

High School Coffee Shop Provides Real-World Experience

Students at an Iowa high school are gaining real-world experience this year by working at the school's new in-house coffee shop.

Florida man sentenced to 6 months in jail for providing incorrect iPhone password

A Florida judge ruled Tuesday that a man named Christopher Wheeler must serve six months in jail unless he provides the correct password to police to unlock his iPhone to comply with a warranted searc...

Michael Flynn will provide some documents under subpoena to Senate intel panel

Michael Flynn will provide some documents under subpoena to the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to reports.

Iowa Nonprofit Provides Free Flights for Medical Treatment

Doug and Robyn Pralle of Hampton have started a non-profit to provide free flights for those who need to travel a long distance to receive medical treatment.

Is California's Largest Health Provider The Answer To Fight Human Trafficking?

Health care settings are considered the most promising places to identify and serve victims of human trafficking. Whether someone is a victim of labor or sex trafficking, health providers often fail t...

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