Today in the city Providence 16.12.2017
London Stock Exchange board: Xavier Rolet's 'operating style' was a factor in his exit — but we won't provide details

London Stock Exchange board in row with investors The Children's Investment (TCI) Fund over LSE CEO Xavier Rolet's departure. TCI Fund claims Rolet is being forced out by the board, who allegedly are...

Russia Is Now Providing North Korea With Internet: What That Could Mean For Cyber Warfare

Russia and North Korea make natural allies in that they are aligned against the United States and its U.S. allies. The U.S. government and private security companies have identified the two as princip...

Dubai Film Connection Projects Seek to Provide Fresh Takes on Middle East Maelstrom

Prominent Syrian auteur Mohamed Malas (“Ladder To Damascus”) is among the thirteen Arab film directors that have made the cut to tap into the funding and networking opportunities provided by the Dubai...

The world's largest mutual fund provider is pushing companies to disclose how climate change could hurt their business

Vanguard, the world's largest provider of mutual funds, is pushing companies to disclose the risks climate change poses to their business. Vanguard is a top shareholder in many large US corporations,...

You're providing the hush money for congressional sexual harassment

The last news story I read before taking that most American of four-day reprieves from anything to do with politics or world affairs was illustrated with an image of the massive white belly of Rep. Jo...

Washington Experiments With Providing Schooling for Adults

As those without high school credentials face tougher job prospects, Washington experiments with providing education for older adults.

Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Medicaid Expansion Law Providing Health Care for 400,000 People

Arizona Supreme Court rejects challenge to Medicaid expansion law providing health care for 400,000 people.

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